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David Henry Bio

David Henry grew up in the Deep South outside of Jackson, MS.  A desire to explore and travel plus and a true love for public land, mountains, rivers, and casual living brought Henry to Idaho.  The Northwest has been home for over 15 years now and David has grown roots in the music scene of Boise, Idaho.  David travels and performs regularly around Idaho and the Pacific Northwest solo and with his trio.  He also enjoys keeping busy by being a member of Jonathan Warren & the Billy Goats, The Panhandles,  and Andrew Sheppard.

As a cellist and songwriter David has recorded and co-produced five albums with the Billy Goats as well as recently recording an album in Nashville with Andrew Sheppard at the fantastic Ivy Hall Studios.  More albums to come in 2020!

Spring of 2020 David will be releasing his first Solo EP.  Focusing on melody and room sound production.  “The album will be a Low-fi representation of some new and old works with an emphasis on capturing a moment in time and space.  Reaching to find ways to bring out the down to earth emotions music can make the listener and performer experience together.  Songwriting at its core is conveying a story to the listener.  Send me positive thoughts to help make this process and album a success” -David Henry.

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