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Bag of Wine

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Bag of Wine

Earth and sun.
You and me and a bag of wine.
Few days with our packs.
Might have shared our first cigarette.
Hell I new right away
this was that kind of crazy love.

Well It seemed to me
you would always be my girl.
It was meant to be
Hell we would surely grow old.
There is no doubt in my mind
we’re gonna be just fine.

Crazy love it will catch you like a wave.
Crazy love it don't happen every day.
Well you can't walk away from that kind of
crazy love.

Hot desert sun. Stucco buildings all around.
Phoenix at my feet.
You said you wanted to meet.
I could tell things were astray
your eyes gave it away.

It had been some time
and there was sadness on your mind.
I tried my best dear
didn't always end up right in line.
Now you're walking away.
My luck has gone astray.

Two boots and wide road
and an awful long way to go.
Bus stop and a couple of beers.
Felt like I was riding to be killed.
Now i'm walking away.
My love has gone astray.
Now i'm walking away.
your smile slowly fades.